Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Gray days and good attitudes


I woke up this morning with the fullest intentions to go for a morning run around my neighborhood. I had such a wonderful run two days ago, but when I looked out my window, I was disappointed to see dark skies. The Negative Nelly in me shouted "well there goes that!" but a long summer of brushing aside my passion for running and working out made me realize that ignoring my desire to get outside and be active will only lead to a disgruntled Ava.
Rain has a beauty of its own, doesn't it?

So, I laced up my sneakers and headed out the door. The lack of sun and light drizzle certainly didn't make for the most cheerful conditions, but I did keep cool which was a definite bonus. My pace was a bit slower today, but given that this is the first week that I've been consecutively working out in a while, I'm cutting myself some slack.

Experimenting with a new camera timer app---lol!
There we go! Post run--soaked!
I felt great post run, a reminder that I never regret a workout and should always get myself out the door despite any excuses that my silly mind comes up with.

During my run, I like to keep track of my pace with an app called Run Keeper. I'm sure there are many similar apps out there, but I find this one to be simple and easy to use so I've stuck with it for a while now. Every five minutes a robotic lady voice tells you your time, distance, and average pace. A great motivator in my opinion! It also has a GPS tracker which allows you to look at your route afterwards which is always fun to do. In addition to average pace, the Run Keeper also records the pace of each minute and of each mile. Here is one of the information screens of my run: 

So there we have it, my morning run! Cheers to an active morning and appreciating the benefits of a gray day!

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